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Total Body Modification
“The Power that made the body can heal the body”
TBM Ireland Contact: Roy Stapleton The Rathmichael Clinic Rathmichael Park Dublin Road, Shankill, Co. Dublin
What Does A Therapist Do When Performing TBM? The therapist will help to reprogram your body's internal computer by a  combination of muscle testing, (Kinesiology) and touching specific points on  the body corresponding to various body parts, organs or systems, making  specific corrections at specified levels of the spine and torso in specific  orders. TBM is a non-invasive, gentle therapy that sometimes uses blocks, an  instrument that delivers a highly specific directional movement to the spine,  the fingers and hands are used to make the corrections. Your body's electrical system can be likened to a bio-computer. This electrical system operates on small internal direct currents that mirrors the nervous  system. When your body's circuits are rebalanced the healing forces that the  Universe supplied you with will be refocused and your body will move  towards balance and healing. Another item the therapist will use are small magnetically/radionics charged  vials. A question that often arises is "What are they, why are you using those vials, and what is in them?"  The vials are used for treating allergies, infections, flu’s and much, much  more. We have almost 1000 testing items at hand. For example, we have a  testing vial for "Bee Pollen". A Bee Pollen "Allergy" will include the actual bee  pollen itself and/or things that bees pollinate. If, for example, this vial tests positive, we would check to see what organ  points that is involved and make the appropriate spinal corrections. We would then run a short correction protocol that will harmonise your body  and reduce or eliminate the symptoms that occur when you come in contact  with the allergen. Everything, whether living or not, has its own vibrational electromagnetic  frequency. Each disease also has its own frequency. In TBM we are looking  for energy imbalances and making appropriate corrections to your body's bio-  computer to restore the imbalances within the body's electrical energy  system.
What a therapist does