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Total Body Modification
“The Power that made the body can heal the body”
TBM Ireland Contact: Roy Stapleton The Rathmichael Clinic Rathmichael Park Dublin Road, Shankill, Co. Dublin
The Benefits of TBM Each and every day we are faced with challenges to our health and well  being resulting from the dangerous pollution of our environment. If we  cannot change our environment, we must learn to live within it by  eliminating the effects on our health. TBM can help you do this!  Here are some conditions that TBM has helped!  Allergy Testing Arthritis, Joint & Back Problems Assist in Clearing Emotional Blockages Balance Blood Pressure Balance Blood Sugar Metabolism Chronic Fatigue Colds and Flu Correct Many Common Allergies Enhance Digestion Treat Fertility Problems Improve Concentration and Memory Many Viruses Normalise Hormonal Cycles Restore the Body’s Energy Flow Reduce the Side Effects of Medication Strengthen the Immune System For those of you that have never taken TBM before, you will find that this is  an excellent adjunct to the therapies that you have already received. Using  simple techniques we will be able to eliminate the roadblocks to health, turn  on the healing ability of the body and let your natural energy do the work for  you. TBM treats and improves virtually every organ in the body.      
The Benefits