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Total Body Modification
“The Power that made the body can heal the body”
TBM Ireland Contact: Roy Stapleton The Rathmichael Clinic Rathmichael Park Dublin Road, Shankill, Co. Dublin
TBM for Horses Total Body Modification (TBM) is complimentary to all other therapies  including veterinary medicine. TBM will make a difference in your  horse’s recovery in an emergency or chronic situation. Generally a TBM treatment lasts 40 – 60 minutes, depending on the  horse’s needs. TBM soothes emotional unrest as well as helping a  horse recover from physical illness or injury. The response from a  horse as the energy pathways open are marked. Sometimes the eyes  can close and the head drops. The horse may yawn or move its  mouth. The breathing deepens and often the gut sound increase  (making TBM useful in the early stages of colic). The horse’s entire  body reflects the deep level of relaxation taking place. Some horses  may fall asleep.  What can be treated with TBM?  Damaged tendons Back injuries  Box walking  Weaving Wobbles Emotional issues Behavioural problems  Colic Condition loss Crib biting Depression Highly strung  Kidney problems  Lack of interest Muscle soreness Nervousness Poor Performance  Post operative recuperation
Equine TBM